About Africa Calling


Africa Calling's mission is to provide global connections to disadvantaged populations, teach and lessen the environmental impact cell phone production is costing to people and our communities, and promote service learning. Our donated mobile phones break down barriers by facilitating communication on macro and micro levels bridging the digital divide.


Our goal is to develop an international reuse and redistribution program not only in Africa, but throughout the “global south,” and here at home. We recognize the need of not only those abroad, but those here in North America. We are committed to forming a program that will provide people in Canada and the United States with a vector to donate their old mobile phones so we can redistribute them to people that need them all around the world. Our program enables us to give back, help people worldwide, and care for our planet.


January 2011:  Africa Calling began as a six member assignment for a sociology class (service learning project) at Camosun College, Victoria, British Columbia. Sociology 211 / Intro to Africa (Professor Dr. Francis Adu-Febiri)

March 2011: Discovers a new need for phones, starts supplying local shelters, and various social service agencies with phones for their clients.

April 2011:   The class ends, members meet and agree to continue the project outside of the classroom with the vision to create a unique reuse system that focuses on bridging the digital divide in developing nations; starting with Africa.

May 2011: The first shipment of phones is distributed in rural Ghana. 70 phones are distributed; specifically targeting illiterate women, hypothesising that texting will facilitate reading.

July 2011: Discovers the profound human costs and detrimental environmental issues surrounding cell phone production.

Nov 2011:  The concept of creating a service learning class was first presented to the Dean of Arts & Sciences Dominic Bergeron by Africa Calling's founder and Camosun College student Kevin Davis (the course is now officially offered by Camosun College, titled SOSC 203 - Service Learning and Global Issues)

Aug 2012:  Africa Calling’s official address is approved; sustainability for the future of the program at Camosun College is recognized by the college in association with the African Awareness Committee (Professor’s Dr. Francis Yee, and Dr. Francis Adu-Febiri)

June 2012:   Africa Calling receives a proposal for 1000 phones through the Solon Foundation (phones are to be shipped in three stages of 100, 500, and 400)

Jan 2013: The inaugural service learning course begins with great success. The twenty-five seat capacity was quickly filled creating a waitlist; happily, every student that signed up on the waitlist was admitted.

Feb 2013:   The first of the three shipments (100 phones) are successfully sent to NGOs in Zimbabwe through the Solon Foundation & Compassionate Resource Warehouse. 

Presently: Keep checking back, our history is still in the making!